The best app for logging your gym workouts
MyWorkout is a powerful, yet simple to use, iOS application that can log your workouts and track your fitness level. Carefully designed to adhere to Apple's user interface guidelines, MyWorkout lets you intuitively create custom exercise routines, log your workouts, graph your progress, and calculate your fitness level.
Create Your Workout
Easily organize your exercise schedule into different workouts based on days of the week, muscle groups, or any other way you want.
Choose Your Exercises
Select from a large list of common exercises or add your own custom ones.
Log Your Performance
Use MyWorkout to log your reps and weight lifted for each set. For cardio activities you can log time, distance, calories, elevation, level, and laps.
Chart Your Progress
Visualize how far you've come by graphing your workout history.
Calculate Your Fitness Level
Enter your measurements to quickly generate Body Mass Index and Fat Percentage calculations.